With Conrad Siegel the difference is clear

100% Full-Time Fiduciaries

Being a fiduciary requires being bound legally and ethically to act in our clients’ best interests. For Conrad Siegel, it means that not only do we believe that working in your best interest is the right thing to do, but we’re actually required to do so.

Fee-for-service, no hidden fees

As a SEC Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we operate on a fee-for-service structure. This fee is a percentage of assets that we manage for you. In addition to our advisory fee, clients will incur very modest expense ratios for the funds we use in the portfolio and nominal trading costs charged by TD Ameritrade. We are transparent with our fees and fee breakdowns are always available at your request.

None of the funds that we use employ 12b-1 fees (kick-backs to the advisor), spreads, sales charges or other hidden costs. Conrad Siegel only receives compensation directly from the client via the asset-based fee structure described above.

CFP® Professionals

Our Investment Consultants are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and our broader team holds additional designations that give the Conrad Siegel team a broad, multidisciplinary knowledge base we bring to each and every client portfolio. We currently have multiple team members with a CFP®, ChFC®, or CFA® designation.

$7.7 billion of assets under management

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors has over $7.7 billion of assets under management (as of 6/30/2023). We continue to be recognized by national publications as one of the top Registered Investment Advisors based on assets under management.

Our Investment Advisory division has over 15 full-time employees and our overall firm employs over 100 people on a full-time basis.

Ideal client fit

We add the most value to long-term investors who have accumulated assets (excluding real estate) of $1 million or more who want a collaborative team that can provide guidance in all aspects of their finances and coordinate with their other professionals.

Our firm’s history

Conrad Siegel, the fee-for-service firm we know today was formed over 50 years ago by its namesake Conrad “Connie” Siegel. Serving clients with integrity and maintaining the guiding principles was of such paramount importance that Connie put his very name on them.

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors, Inc. was born, in part, based on suggestions from businesses and plan participants Conrad Siegel served. Individuals were requesting the academic, research-based, low-cost style of investment management and financial consulting that was available to retirement plans through Conrad Siegel. In 2002, we expanded our service offerings to serve individuals and families like yours. Since 2002, Conrad Siegel has grown as a firm. As of September 30, 2020 businesses and families have entrusted us with over $6 billion in assets under management.

Limited client load, guaranteed focus

We believe in quality over quantity so our each consultant typically manages only 60-75 households at one time.

Reputation of professional conduct

Neither the firm or any of its employees have ever had any conduct disciplinary charges.

Comprehensive financial services

We provide asset management and financial planning services. Financial planning services assess your current financial health by examining your entire financial picture — assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance, tax situation, and investments. From that, we develop a realistic, comprehensive plan aimed at meeting your financial goals by addressing financial weaknesses and building on financial strengths.

Simple approach to investing

The core of our investment philosophy is an academic, research-based, low-cost style of investment management that has garnered us national recognition.

Diversified funds

We leverage the strengths of each of the many fund companies we work with including Vanguard, Fidelity, Dimensional, iShares and Nuveen, among others.