Investment Management

Investing focused on you.

Investing is personal. We get that and it’s why our team puts a tremendous amount of care into each portfolio we construct. These are your hard earned dollars and we invest in a way that makes those dollars work for you.

We manage your assets as if they were our own. You get an advisor that truly cares about you.

Clear and open communication is at the forefront of our service, empowering you to navigate your investments with confidence and understanding.

Discover our way of investing

We use a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated investment approach designed to be simple and effective for the long-term. As independent consultants, we do so without most of the potential conflicts that can occur when a broker or “proprietary” investment provider is involved. Bottom line – we’re independent and we work for you.

Investment Planning

  • Portfolio Review
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Time Horizon
  • Portfolio Structure & Management
  • Investment Withdrawal Strategies
  • Appropriate Rebalancing
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Review Outside Investments

“Great communication, clear strategies, and friendly people.”

Conrad Siegel Client

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A simple investment approach

The core of our investment philosophy is an academic, research-based, low-cost style of investment management. Our in-house research team meticulously studies the market so you don’t have to. Learn more about our approach.


Our focus is on a long-term, well-diversified portfolio, not timing the market or picking individual stocks.


Everyone’s plan looks a little different. We tailor portfolios to your needs.

Academic & Research-Based

Our in-house research team helps us construct portfolios that are sophisticated, yet uncomplicated.


Costs eat away at investment returns. We believe in using low-expense investments within portfolios.