Transparent costs with no hidden fees

As a SEC Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we operate on a fee-for-service structure. This fee is a percentage of assets that we manage for you starting at a competitive 0.90%. In addition to our advisory fee, clients will incur very modest expense ratios for the funds we use in the portfolio and nominal trading costs charged by TD Ameritrade. We are transparent with our fees and fee breakdowns are always available at your request.

Conrad Siegel Investment Advisors is a fiduciary. That means not only do we believe that working in your best interest is the right thing to do, we’re legally required to do so. Whether you are working with us on a per-project basis for planning needs or with us on an ongoing asset management basis, we put your interests first and keep our costs transparent.

All-in costs 41% lower than national average

We minimize costs to you whenever and wherever possible. And it starts with us. When comparing investment advisory fees (fees charged by the advisor) and investment expenses (fees charged by the fund company), Conrad Siegel offers all-in costs 41%-56% lower than the national average*.

*All-In Portfolio Costs
Blended All-In Portfolio Costs have been calculated by applying Conrad Siegel’s standard tiered fee schedule and average fund expense rate to various portfolios at the values referenced above. Fund expenses are based on our standard menu of funds for a 50% equity versus 50% fixed income portfolio, as compared to the category average expense ration compiled in Morningstar Office, a product of Morningstar, Inc. The highest annualized fee rate we charge is 90 basis points (0.90%) and a full description of Conrad Siegel’s advisory fees is described in the Form ADV Part 2A, available on the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website at The average advisory fees are taken from the Advisory HQ Financial Advisor Fee & Income per Client Survey. The All-In blended fee comparison percentages are based on the following portfolio fees: $1MM Portfolio – 1.09% Conrad Siegel versus 1.87% industry average. $2MM Portfolio – 1.09% Conrad Siegel versus 1.85% industry average. $5MM Portfolio – 0.93% Conrad Siegel versus 1.78% industry average. $10MM Portfolio – 0.71% Conrad Siegel versus 1.63% industry average.

Are you curious about how your advisor is getting paid?

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